Associação Educacional e Assistencial Casa do Zezinho

Associação Educacional e Assistencial Casa do Zezinho
  • Champ(s) d'intervention :
    Autre , Insertion par le sport ou la pratique culturelle
  • Pays : Brésil

En détails

Many things needed to be changed. How to see such a distant reality and do not mobilize for the better? Casa do Zezinho comes with the revolutionaries ideals, from a group willing to change the world. Today is a social non-profit organization, located next to the Park Santo Antonio - south of the city of São Paulo, a region with approximately 700,000 inhabitants. A Casa do Zezinho, since its inception, has been a space of opportunities development for children and young people living in situations of high social vulnerability. Creates conditions for the formation of critical thinking and the development of the potential of each one stimulating these Zezinhos new perspectives and a new world options. Founded with seven children, the goal was to be a performance space for young people from low-income families. Today meets annually more than 1,500 young people and adolescents of both sexes, aged since 6 years old, guided in human development across multiple education activities such as art, culture and professional training workshops. In the early 1990s Dagmar and her husband Saulo bought one house to live in Maria Helena Park. Some 15 years despite appearance still relatively quiet and clean, the first areas of São Paulo south zone began to be invaded by families that couldn’t live in the city, expelled by the system increasingly myopic toward the public management. During this period, they began to be reunited with a group of friends college days. A time of great political struggle and justice of social dreams. This group had - and still has - in common, the belief in education as the only means of transformation of the individual and society. The Tia Dag’s dream, of having a house of formation, education and human development to low-income children, became the goal of group and, with the beginning of this partnership, this dream began to be realized. Instead of putting the house up for sale and seek refuge with high grills, as perhaps we would have, Dagmar Garroux, at 36 years old, had the idea that could be the best one of her life.
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