Instituto Rugby Para Todos
  • Champ d'intervention :
    Insertion par le sport ou la pratique culturelle
  • Pays : Brésil
  • Nom : Draghi
  • Prénom : Mauricio
  • Email :
  • Fonction : Director
  • Tel : +5511989830049

En détails

To give continuity to the social educational project, started in 2004, which teaches the Rugby modality, its foundations and rules and conducts regular weekly classes, in order to develop the understanding and the physical fitness to the game, and individual and social skills among the students, with planning and supervision of a multidisciplinary team that has experienced players and technicians in Rugby, Physical Educators, Psychologists, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, to encourage the sports practice of 180 children and adolescents living in the community of Paraisópolis. Collaborate in the development Psychomotor: to promote physical activities planned and supervised by Physical Education and Rugby professionals. Skills Development: From locomotion Combination Balancing Manipulation Contribute to individual development: to work on the students' individual competences, through Rugby practice and its principles (mutual respect, cooperation, loyalty, friendship and discipline), under the supervision of professionals in psychopedagogy, who will evaluate children individually and the group as a whole from observation reports and information gathering with teachers in each class. Competency Development: Cognitive Productive Social Personal

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