2020 supported projects: learn more about them


Despite the exceptional circumstances, the 2nd Selection Committee and the 1st Board of Directors of the year were held on 16 and 19 March and supported 18 projects.


Within the Selection Committee, the decision-making body dealing with applications under 50,000 euros, 7structures received renewed support and three structures joined the Foundation’s network of partners.

Within the Board of Directors, the decision-making body handling applications over 50,000 euros, 2 new projects have received support from administrators and 6 projects can continue their development and spin-off thanks to a renewal

New projects supported

Selection Committee

The Sesame programme carried out by PROMES in Madagascar: enabling disadvantaged Malagasy high-schoolers to succeed in higher education. Selected each year across the country, students are welcomed on to follow a preparatory year in which they receive individual academic and personal follow-up before joining the best Malagasy higher education institutions.

Read for success carried by the Sister Emmanuelle Association in Burkina Faso: train professionals in the education and support of children and creative innovative teaching tools and methods in order to permanently reduce the drop-out and school failure of children ages 3 to 13, improving reading and language learning methods.

Baluchon in the are of Pays de Loire carried out by A Table Citoyens: to create an integration company based on the model of Baluchon in Nantes within an urban solidarity project which will have accommodations, an urban farm, offices... aimed at the social inclusion of people in dire need. The inclusive company will train vulnerable people around food-related businesses. 


Board of Directors

Modes d'Emploi, supported by Action for the Council and the Directive : digitalize the association’s support method by creating a digital platform that industrialises job search to support the association’s integration advisers in their mission.

Vocational integration through certificating training by Fermes d'Avenir: set up a programme of training certificates carried out by the association’s training organisation, member of the SOS Group, in support of the Group’s environmental transition sector.

Renewed supports for a greater impact

​​​​​Selection Committee

Art en Immersion by the Culturespaces Foundation: fight against inequalities in access to culture and use art as a factor in the integration of children from disadvantaged families. 3rd support.

The mini-business project carried out by Entreprendre pour Apprendre: deploying the Mini Business programme to young dropouts within integration structures to develop their entrepreneurial skills, know-how and know-howto in order to better their professional integration. 3rd support.

The sponsorship of young people with Proxité: deploy the sponsorship in the Hauts-de-Seine with the companies located on the territory in order to increase the number of integrated youngsters and strengthen the territorial anchorage of the association in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

The "Parcours Tremplin" developed by the Refettorio Paris: enable a discovery and an introduction to the food-related professions for a very vulnerable audience through an experience at the Refettorio and an immersion in a partner company. 2nd support.

The Boost Compost project by Ateliere Fara Frontiere in Romania: consolidating the Bio&co workshop, a vegetable garden that relies on employees in training, in order to increase production and ensure the sustainability of the model and thus increase the number of trained employees. 2nd support.

Rugby Employability Academy by Street League in England: integrate young people who are extremely far from employment and training through sports in a multi-sport academy that offers a 10-week work integration program. 3rd support.

Digistart by Konexio: support refugees and vulnerable people to access the digital job market with free, short and intensive training to discover the basics of web development. 2nd support.


Board of Directors

Special focus on African projects in the framework of our Programme on the continent

Training and integration in the agricultural sector by the IECD in Cameroon and Ivory Coast: provide full alternance training for vulnerable young people in rural areas to improve their technical and human skills and prepare them for the management of their farm. 2nd support.

Simplon African Tech Bridges by Simplon: participate in the structuring of the digital industry in Africa by creating digital factories that offer intensive and free training to the technical professions of the digital economy. Third year of support.

Rugby Education by Terres en Mêlées in Madagascar, Togo and Burkina Faso: developing educational programs around rugby, culture and the environment for children and young people living in precarious situations through graduate training. Priority partner Africa since 2018.

Financial education programme by CRESUS: pursue the development of the financial and budgetary education programme developed by Société Générale and Crésu based on the game pedagogy Dilemma. Partner in this skills sponsorship program since 2013.

Social and vocational integration of disadvantaged young people by Hopes and Homes for Children in Romania: Support young minors with personalized follow-up to strengthen their social and professional integration once they have gained independence in adulthood. 2nd support by the Foundation.

A.G.I.R programme by Emmaüs Solidarité: strengthening the effectiveness of pathways for vocational integration to promote access to the sustainable law, developing the autonomy of participants through a 12-month course combining language training, accompaniment, sport and meetings with economic players. 2nd support by the Foundation.