23 initiatives selected at our first 2021 selection committee meetings


To follow up on the call for projects that was launched at the beginning of this year, our selection committee met twice in March 2021.

The 23 projects supported put forward solutions to help vulnerable groups, either to assist them back into education or to lead them towards professional integration. The organisations supported take action in France or on the African continent. The Foundation currently works in 10 countries on the continent, and the committee selected initiatives in Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Senegal.

The Foundation reaffirmed its desire to support its partners over the long term and therefore renewed its funding for the 15 organisations that are already partners of the Foundation. It also welcomed 8 new partners, some of whose projects were created as a direct response to the pandemic and the high school dropout rate caused by this crisis in particular.

Integration through education – 9 projects in total

6 projects in France

Chemins d’enfances – new partner

Chemins d’enfances (‘childhood pathways’) has created an experimental project involving learning through play workshops for the 2021-2022 school year in Val d’Oise, with children from three traveller communities, in a context where many children in this group are leaving school due to the pandemic.

Coup de Pouce – new partner

The charity Coup de Pouce (‘helping hand’) works to prevent early school failure. In partnership with schools and municipalities, it sets up extra-curricular support clubs. It is receiving funding to open 50 clubs in Brittany and the Grand Est region.

Make.org – new partner

The organisation is being funded to develop the digital twinning of schools in ‘cités éducatives’ (a government initiative to support education in disadvantaged areas) with other primary and secondary schools in France, to promote a social mix and help open up the schools in these ‘cités éducatives’.


Proxité runs a personalised mentoring scheme for 400 young people in Hauts-de-Seine with companies in the region and develops in-person and online group workshops.


The foundation supports Rêv’Elles with two major goals: to strengthen its regional integration in Île-de-France (the greater Parisian region) and Lyon in 2021 and promote the emergence of a movement for girls committed to greater social justice.

Syn Lab

The charity has created the ‘Voies d’Avenir’ (‘future paths’) project which aims to support the academic success of students in vocational colleges, assisting schools and teachers with educational courses and dedicated resources.  

3 projects on the African continent

Asmae – Burkina Faso

The objective of the project supported – Lire pour réussir! (‘reading for success’) – is to sustainably reduce school dropout and failure among children aged 3 to 13 years, by improving reading and language learning methods.

Bibliothèques Sans Frontière – Senegal – new partner

BSF (‘libraries without borders’) aims to promote the school and university success of vulnerable pupils and students through a pilot project for digital content libraries that they can access on their smartphones.

Futur au Présent - Senegal

Futur au Présent (‘future now’), with the Maison de l’Éducation, runs a scheme for the psycho-social and educational support of 120 girls aged 6 to 14 years. This scheme, which supplements state schooling, enables them to fight against child labour and school drop-out rates among girls.

Partners fotos : Food Sweet food, ASMAE, PROMES et  Chemins d'enfances

Some projects : Food Sweet food, ASMAE, PROMES et  Chemins d'enfances

Professional integration – 13 projects in total

10 projects in France

Clubhouse Bordeaux – new partner

The organisation will be supported with its professional integration course for 20 young people who live with mental health disorders.

Comme les autres – new partner

The charity Comme les autres (‘like everyone else’) enables the professional integration of 30 people who have become disabled following an accident.

Drop de Béton

Drop de Béton is receiving funding to enable the social and professional integration of young girls from the Quartiers Prioritaires de la Ville (low income neighbourhoods), through its Seine-Saint-Denis branch. There are two aspects: education through sport (citizen Rugby) and professional integration in sports vocations.

ICAM Ecole de production Sénart – new partner

The school would like to strengthen its support for the production school’s youth on the Paris Sénart site, who are particularly affected by school failure caused by the COVID pandemic. The projects supported will aim to reduce the digital divide and promote a social mix.


Konexio fights the digital exclusion of disadvantaged people and promotes a world where everyone is included in the digitalisation of society. With the G.O.A.L project in Seine Saint Denis, the charity targets 220 beneficiaries with a digital skills training programme that will facilitate their social and professional integration.

Les cuistots migrateurs – new partner

The school (‘migrant cooks’) prepares refugees to obtain the ‘Commis Chef’ CQP (professional qualification certificate) in 4 months. This is a free 400-hour course.

Food Sweet Food – new partner

The organisation offers mass catering employee qualification courses to refugees in Ile-de-France (the greater Parisian region) and in this way supports them towards sustainable professional integration.


Thanks to a new branch in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, Massajobs enables the people supported to gain self-confidence and choose a career plan. The organisation’s mission is to create a bridge between companies and the city’s inhabitants.

Rebonds – new partner

Rebonds in Haute-Garonne offers reintegration through sport and pre-professional training for young people aged 17 to 29 years through 3 programmes:  The Parcours Accompagnement Sport Social Emploi (PASSE) or social and employment sports support course, Démarque-toi (‘set yourself apart’) and the Parcours Sport Animation or sports coaching course. 


The organisation supports refugees in Paris in their academic, social and professional integration, to enable them to build a viable and rewarding career plan. It works on establishing equivalent qualifications, finding training courses and help with applications and offers French language training.

Vignes de Cocagne

Vignes de Cocagne is a sheltered employment company, the leading organic vineyard for integration in France. Its aim is to support its employees on a training and integration course to become vineyard workers.

3 projects on the African continent

​​​​​​​ABC Domino - Madagascar

In addition to its infrastructure, ABC Domino wants to build an IT training centre for secondary school leavers and offers a taster course in IT for local primary and lower secondary schools.

Des mains pour Madagascar – Madagascar

To double the number of interns and promote self-financing, the organisation will be funded to acquire new industrial machines, to develop its communications and marketing initiatives and strengthen the management teams.

Promes – (PROMotion Economique et Sociale) – Madagascar

The aim of the SESAME programme is to enable Malagasy secondary school leavers from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who are motivated and have good potential for success to pursue their higher educational studies. For this, they receive both educational and personal support for 10 months before starting a course.



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