Capital Filles : female employees get involved

Helping young female highschoolers find their future jobs


A total of four workshops, spread over the whole day, are given to the 20 senior students who made the trip. They concern marketing, communication, human resources and the back office functions in the bank. Among the Societe Generale employees who run the workshops, many are also year-round sponsors of a future student in marketing, communication or international trade. This is the aim of the programme: to support young girls in their search for their future job, by making them aware of the world of business, which many of them do not know. “When we launched Capital Filles in 2013, many young girls weren’t even talking about pursuing their post-graduate studies,” says Jaoueb Merhoum, Capital Filles delegate for the Versailles Academy and Société Générale employee. Today, many are considering a master’s degree. The information has been effective!


For Jaoueb Merhoum, Capital Filles was a no-brainer. “I am particularly touched by the program because I come from a priority education area, and I have the same degree as these girls (ie: STT Baccalaureate, ex-STMG). I know that we are not well advised in high schools, she explains. I needed to be reassured about their orientation. Isabelle Zavattero, in charge of a workshop, explains that she wanted to “go beyond her role as a mother”. “Humanly, being a godmother is the satisfaction of feeling useful as a woman,” she explains. The engagement continues more informally after the senior year, I help them find internships, we take news from each other.” The young girls present at La Défense, boast of the availability and benevolence of their godmother, and already see themselves taking up the torch in a few years.

We help them prepare for their post-graduate journey, but above all we want to encourage them and help them regain confidence.

Jaoueb Merhoum, Capital Filles Representative and committed employee