Choosing long-term support

8 partnerships renewed and 2 new projects supported


In addition to the Group’s involvement during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Société Générale Foundation has maintained its schedule of calls for projects and decision-making meetings to avoid penalizing non-profits and the people they serve.

A total of 8 partnerships were renewed and 2 new projects have joined the Foundation’s family of partners.

With these partnerships, the Foundation has reaffirmed its strategy of long-term support.

Discover these 10 projects, based in France, Madagascar and Ivory Coast.



The 2 new projects supported : FERT and Soyons le changement


While this charity was founded in France in 1981, it operates in 10 countries: Albania, Georgia, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, and Madagascar.

Its partnership with the Foundation covers Madagascar, where it aims to train 320 young local farmers.

Fert’s mission is contributing to the emergence of a new generation of professional farmers who are committed to transforming family farming and developing rural areas.

Soyons le changement

This charity operates in Bordeaux, where it provides support programmes based on flipped teaching for residents of underprivileged neighbourhoods. The Société Générale Foundation is supporting its project ecloZion, which offers a full-time, 6-month programme to give long-term unemployed people aged 18 to 35 a fresh start.

3 small photos representing different projetcs ( my fisrt training and Claire Amitié )

The 8 partnerships renewed in France and abroad

In France

Article 1

This non-profit helps low-income students achieve fairer access to and greater success in higher education and works to boost their employability and launch their careers with work in 3 areas: orientation, academic success, and development.



Aurore is a charity which houses, provides care for, and supports over 37,000 marginalized or impoverished people to help them achieve social and professional integration. We specifically support its project to train unaccompanied minors for foodservice careers with its Technical Platform project.


DUO for a JOB

DUO for a JOB serves young job seekers with immigrant origins. It matches them with experienced people (over age 50) in the same field, to help them with their job search.



Kodiko offers refugees a mentoring programme at companies, with volunteer employees. The project is highly popular with Société Générale employees; we are supporting its expansion to other towns in France.


Moi dans 10 ans

Moi dans 10 ans is a non-profit academic and professional guidance organisation that promotes equal opportunities in training and employment. It has grown rapidly and echoes the Société Générale Group's commitment to welcoming young people from underprivileged backgrounds.


Nos Quartiers ont du Talent

NQT supports equality of opportunity by helping recent graduates from underprivileged neighbourhoods or low-income families find work, through mentoring and coaching by Group managers.


Positive Planet France

Positive Planet France is a non-profit that operates in underprivileged neighbourhoods to promote entrepreneurship as a way to build and better future and create jobs. The Foundation supports its expansion in the Hauts-de-France region.




Claire Amitié Internationale

Claire Amitié Internationale runs refuges on 4 continents to help girls and young women rebuild their lives and prepare for the future by taking them in like family and providing training so they can achieve financial independence. The Société Générale Foundation is funding the development of educational projects at the Bouaké hostel in Côte d’Ivoire.