Congratulations to all Vertigo challenge participants!


Congratulations to all the teams who took part in the new connected edition of the Vertigo challenge from 6 to 25 April 2021! Almost 98,000 km have been covered in 19 days to support education through sports with the association Play International*.

A sporting, collective and solidarity event

The participants to this inter-firm sport and solidarity race have surpassed themselves:

  • 23,325 km by bike, the equivalent of 7 times the “Tour de France”
  • 18,007 km running, the equivalent of 429 marathons
  • 80,545,456 steps, the equivalent of nearly 6 times the Great Wall of China

The Vertigo Challenge was designed as an event to reinforce human links between employees playfully, even from a distance. It helps fight against a sedentary lifestyle, while giving meaning to these physical activity challenges and supporting the actions of Play International.

key figures

Societe Generale commitment key figures

Societe Generale commitment

The 80 teams of Societe Generale employees, present on the starting line, have shown great commitment.

  • 3 teams have finished on the general podium, with 6,300 km traveled just between them and with the highest number of points : « PC2M », « Witches engaged athletically » & « »
  • The team “GTPS 2025” is the most "boosted" team: they have been the most successful in the daily mini-challenges during the race (69 boosts)
  • The team “Les 4 Elles” is the 2nd most “brilliant” team having best discovered the association (82 quiz well answered).

The number of kilometers traveled by Societe Generale participants are transformed as a donation for the education programmes of the association.

The intense and enthusiastic commitment of Societe Generale's teams once again demonstrates their sensitivity to solidarity causes, as well as the essential role of sport for the well-being of everyone and group cohesion. Thank you for being with us again on this second edition: the entire PLAY International team is touched and impressed by the very strong involvement of the Societe Generale teams.

Aude Prebay, CEO of Play International

(*) Since 1999, Play International has been committed to making sports a driver for education and social change. Their initiative is deployed in more than 20 countries. The association has been a partner of the Societe Generale Foundation since 2017 in its “Living together” program. Deployed in France, the purpose of this programme