Digital transformation at Ares

a major project to encourage integration


In 2017, the Ares Group kicked off a major digital transformation project to improve its internal organisation and to continue to innovate to support employees returning to work. This project is supported by the Societe Generale Foundation, and the association is one of its major partners (Grand Partenaires). It is focused on three key lines: offering digital training to employees returning to work, digitalising production tools and providing social support.



Offering digital training to employees returning to work

Employees returning to work are very keen on digital training. “They want to learn, and they are aware of what digital tools can offer them”, explains Carole Cuillier, Director of Digital Transformation at Ares. In 2018, the Group established the “Mobile & you” programme, which trains employees in the professional and administrative use of digital tools, particularly smartphones: completing paperwork and looking for jobs online, planning a journey to get to a meeting... In 2018, 221 people benefited from 2,380 hours of training. This project is further supported by the implementation of new digital tools in production activity, thanks to the development of business applications like Smartbac, a smartphone application which makes it easier to manage site waste.

Digitalising administrative tasks to focus more on people

The social support aspect is also part of this transformation project. “We have started to test several tools this year, with a common thread: saving time with administrative tasks, allowing social support managers to dedicate more time to people”, underlines Carole Cuillier. A digital tablet-based tool to evaluate employee skills (Oasis +) has been tested to replace the time-consuming paper-based formalities used until now. It is about to be deployed across the whole Group.

Beneficial developments for the entire integration sector

The Societe Generale Foundation is supporting the association’s major project for 3 years. “The Foundation is a key figure which has contributed to a change of scale at the Ares Group. We supported around 350 people at the start of this partnership 10 years ago, rising to nearly 1,000 in 2018”, explains Gabrielle Ficher, Partnerships and Communications Manager at Ares. The association's digital transformation offers definite economic development potential for the Group, but it can also create positive examples across the job-based integration sector. The association is committed to making these tools and methods available to the entire sector, an offer which has been popular. Around twenty organisations are currently in contact with Ares to obtain their skills evaluation tool for employees returning to work.