Drop de Béton: rugby supporting professional integration


The Gironde association Drop de Béton has used rugby and its values to help educate and integrate its beneficiaries for over 20 years. The association works with disabled sportspeople, but also helps develop women’s sport, improve health education and combat juvenile delinquency. Over the years, Drop de Béton has become a leading partner of the foundation. In the past two years, this partnership has focused on the development of the “Proxyrugby” project, a rugby-based integration initiative to support disadvantaged young people.  

rugby players making a circle with hands on the center

Proxyrugby: encouraging social and professional integration through sport 

The association is supported to help expand its sport-based education programme with young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods: “Proxyrugby”. Proxyrugby is aimed at teenagers and young adults from 17 to 25 years old having problems with integration. The young people supported by the programme get their driving licence, receive physical training and then complete a work placement leading to vocational training or a job.

The support provided is two-fold: financial with the creation of an initial training programme in sport and community jobs, and also via the skills sponsorship provided by Societe Generale employees.

The development of the Drop de Béton association

“With the support of the Societe Generale Foundation, we have gone from 8 to 15 employees, and it is helping us to expand Drop de Béton to other regions, with a goal of 12 sites,” explains Ronan Appriou, director of the association.

With the 2018 contribution, Drop de Béton is implementing actions in the field of sport-based education and professional integration with clubs and community centres wanting to apply its methods in these new regions.

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