Festive atmosphere for the Societe Generale Foundation breakfast


On 20 December, to start the day, Societe Generale was humming to the rhythm of solidarity! In the Agora and Basalte halls and on the Dunes esplanade, 40 committed Foundation volunteers offered their colleagues coffee, tea and a snack prepared by two specialized charities, Balluchon and Aurore, while presenting the different forms of commitment proposed by the Societe Generale Foundation. 

Various ways to show commitment

The operation had only got started ten minutes earlier, but some of the volunteers were already having to replenish their stocks of "In 2019, I commit!" post cards, distributed to the 4,000 employees gathered in the Agora hall that morning. The volunteers’ mission? To raise their colleagues' awareness concerning Societe Generale Foundation's activities and inform them about the various ways in which they can show their commitment:

- mentoring

- pro bono work

- solidarity days

- financial education programmes

- or the various collective events throughout the year that focus on solidarity.

 The possibilities are many and varied. Sylvie, a second time volunteer for the breakfast event, has chosen to give her time for one of the missions. A few yards away, Yanada, who has been committed to the Foundation for a number of years, says she is delighted to see how flexible the options are for Societe Generale employees. “I participate every year. I biked during the Citizen Commitment Time, and I have volunteered for different activities. Whenever I have the time, I always look to see if a mission suits me. If you receive, then I find it normal to give something back", she explains.

I participate every year. I cycled during the Citizen Commitment Time, I was engaged for temporary actions or participate to actions for la Croix-Rouge. I look very often if some missions suit me when I have some free time. When we received I think it is normal to give back

Yanada, engaged employee

Employees convinced by the missions of the Societe Generale Foundation

Employees volunters for the event

After directing the employees to the photobooth specially arranged for the morning's event, Kitty is delighted that she came along. “Some colleagues, already involved in the Foundation, stop to talk about their experience. It is sometimes difficult to make the first move, but afterwards all the employees are very enthusiastic!” Marie-Dominique, another volunteer for the morning and committed to the Foundation's financial education programme, talks to a former colleague. “Talking to someone close gives you a clear picture and you realise that it doesn't take much to be able to contribute”, she explains, saying that she is also ready to take the leap. As for Valérie, she sees an opportunity for reconciling her personal convictions and her career. “It is sometimes difficult to make a personal commitment. Personally, I've tried to do it, but it takes up so much time: you need to make appointments, get organised… In that respect, what Societe Generale is offering is very practical. I am certain to be able to make a difference and I am determined to get involved!”

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