The Foundation fully mobilized to support partner NGOs

Societe Generale strengthens its commitments to the Foundation's partners


In response to the Coronavirus crisis, Societe Generale has launched a Worldwide Solidarity Programme made of different initiatives.

Facing this crisis that heightens inequalities, Societe Generale once again confirms its commitment alongside its partner associations playing a crucial role in the areas of food aid, health security, accommodation and providing educational and recreational material to disadvantaged people.

This support will help 7 NGOs working in the areas mentionned above during these crucial times.

The Apprentis d'Auteuil Foundation

The Apprentis d'Auteuil Foundation supports more than 30,000 vulnerable young people and families. The foundation supports young people in difficulty through reception, education, training and integration programmes in France and abroad to enable them to become free and fulfilled adults. For the past 10 years, the Societe Generale Foundation has supported the association with the development of professional integration programmes for young people and since 2018 has supported the "L'Ouvre Boîte" project, offering young adults an entrepreneurship training course in several cities across France.

In light of the Covid-19 crisis, many initiatives have been suspended to protect the young people and families supported, as well as the foundation's employees. However, 60 establishments and projects in the field of child protection continue to welcome and support the young people entrusted to Apprentis d'Auteuil by social services.

The importance of protecting and housing these young people in difficulty is more vital than ever in these unprecedented times. Societe Generale's support will allow the association to provide these establishments with educational, digital, leisure and even healthcare equipment, combined with support from medical personnel. These resources are currently essential to maintain the link with the school and families, ease tensions and channel energy and frustration.

Emmaüs Défi


Emmaüs Défi helps people in very vulnerable situations to find sustainable means of overcoming those situations and employs nearly 150 beneficiaries on employment integration schemes. The association offers them support so that they can find a place in society through work. The association's beneficiaries are generally people who are unemployed and homeless or in very insecure housing.

For more than 10 years, the Societe Generale Foundation has supported the association's integration and employment activities and more specifically, since 2017, development of the Riquet site in Paris.

The association's activities, particularly the employment integration scheme, have been suspended in accordance with national safety instructions. However, the social impact restaurant called Le Radis, run by Emmaüs and Baluchon, is trying to continue to operate. This restaurant uses donations from unsold food stocks, transformed by employees on the integration scheme, to provide hot and healthy meals to people in difficulty. Societe Generale's donation will allow Le Radis to continue its work and so provide access to quality food for the most disadvantaged at this complicated time.

SOS Villages d'Enfants

The world's largest association dedicated to the long-term follow-up of children without parental support, SOS Children's Villages offers individualized support adapted to each child it receives.

Partner of the Foundation since 2012 in different countries, the association prepares young people to lead an independent life and supports them in their educational and professional integration through suitable programs. SOS Children's Villages works in France with 900 children in 17 SOS villages.

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has three priorities:

  • Protect the health of children and educational staff in SOS villages, support children in very great difficulty by purchasing health protection equipment
  • Guarantee the continuity of care for young people by strengthening teams in the villages, to preserve the quality of support for young people
  • Allow school monitoring, support motor skills development and allow physical effort to young people by strengthening educational equipment (computer, fun, educational and sports equipment)

Societe Generale's support will enable the association to meet these three priority needs in order to guarantee good conditions of confinement for these young people whose precariousness is exacerbated by this situation. It is essential to maintain the quality of support, both in terms of personal development and education, to avoid widening educational and social inequalities.


Les Restos du Coeur

Founded by Coluche in 1985, the Restos du Coeur aims to help and provide voluntary assistance to poor people, particularly in the food sector through access to free meals, and through participation in their social integration, economical and professional.

The association distributes more than 130 million meals each year, in 2,000 centers and branches in France, to 900,000 people. In 2018, the Foundation supported the "Péniche du Coeur" project, an emergency accommodation center that accommodates homeless people and more specifically support towards the professional integration of beneficiaries.

The health crisis and the various measures taken to limit the spread of the virus forced the Restos du Coeur to adapt their activities in order to ensure the continuity of the aid provided to the most disadvantaged. The financial support of the Group will allow the association to finance part of these adaptations in the food sector by purchasing foodstuffs which can replace the hot meals usually prepared for people deprived of their own home by foodstuffs in the room, allowing be distributed, stored and consumed in good hygienic conditions; and in the logistics sector by purchasing distribution equipment (bags, shopping bags) and sanitary products for accommodation centers where beneficiaries are affected by Covid-19, making the purchase of this equipment urgent.


The association Aurore provides accommodation, care and assistance to more than 41,300 people suffering from job insecurity and social exclusion, helping them to find secure employment and reintegrate socially. It carries out various activities, organised around three main areas of operation, accommodation, care and integration. The Societe Generale Foundation has supported several projects set up by the association to promote professional integration, in particular the social restaurant Yankadi.

In the current health crisis, Aurore's teams are working to keep their primary services in operation so they can provide aid to young people in particular suffering from exclusion and job insecurity. Societe Generale's support in this context will enable the association to continue implementing its emergency activities: food aid, access to hygiene products, measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the distribution of educational and recreational/leisure materials and IT and digital equipment to help young people staying at the accommodation centres keep up with their school work.

EMMAÜS Solidarité


EMMAÜS Solidarité provides a reception facility, accommodation and assistance with integration for 5,000 individuals and families experiencing social problems on a daily basis, through some one hundred services and activities provided across Paris, the Greater Paris Region and Loir-et-Cher. The Societe Generale Foundation has supported several professional integration programmes set up by the association and in 2020 is working in partnership with Fondation Futbol Màs in support of the A.G.I.R. programme aimed at helping refugees under international protection to find employment.

The support provided by Societe Generale during this health crisis will enable this association to continue providing reception, support, meal distribution and accommodation services for these refugees.

Samusocial de Paris


Samusocial de Paris develops a range of measures to help combat exclusion: 115 Paris helpline, accommodation at emergency centres, day centres, healthcare centres (LHSS), medical care centres (LAM), social support, etc. The Societe Generale Foundation has supported a programme promoting the integration of young girls using the association's services through sports.

Samusocial is continuing to provide its services during the confinement period and its teams are working to organise search rounds and food distribution and to keep the accommodation centres open; they are paying particular attention to accommodation for the homeless, who are very vulnerable in this health crisis. Societe Generale's support will help them to keep up these activities.