Learn about our first 2020 supported projects


The Foundation’s first 2020 Selection Committee met on 25 February and approved the first 11 projects of the year. With more than half of the structures already partners, the Foundation offers long-term support and enables projects financed in the past to develop, spread out or increase the number of beneficiaries.

5 new structures have also become partners, in the fields of professional integration, integration through sport or the education of highly vulnerable groups. The projects supported reflect the Foundation’s selection criteria, especially concerning high social impact, with a territorial anchor and who work with particularly vulnerable audiences such as young women or refugees.

New projects supported

  1. «La Maison de l'Education (MDE)» carried by Futur au Présent in Senegal: program for the care and support of young girls in schools to combat early work and school drop-out.
  2. Le Refuge: innovative support for the employment of LGBT+ young people in a situation of great vulnerability by the increasing the number of social workers in their different delegations to better guide them towards employment or training.
  3. ABC Domino in Madagascar: increase and develop children’s personal growth  through sports activities as a means for integration and training courses in sports-related jobs
  4. “Rediscovering the path of employment through the vine” carried on by the Vigne de Cocagne: 2-year support for employees in integration to train them to become polyvalent wine-growing workers and to enable each employee to obtain a certificate of vocational qualification.
  5. «Doposcuola Pan Bendito» carried out by the Asociacion de Cooperacion y Apoyo Social a la Integracion Escolar (ICEAS) in Spain: project to combat the dropout of young people, especially young people from precarious gypsy families, through the organisation of skill-development workshops, through cultural and sports integration and family support.

Renewed support for several projects

  1. «Le Parcours Rêv'Elles» carried out by Rêv'Elles: innovative educational programs for young women aged 14 to 20, in school or in early school.
  2. «Proxyrugby» carried out by Drop de Béton: integration through rugby for young people in a situation of great fragility by the development of actions of citizen rugby and by the moving  these young people towards training or employment.
  3. «Plan Seine-Saint-Denis» carried out by Le Choix de l'Ecole: program to combat school failure by encouraging young graduates of “Grandes écoles” to devote two years to teaching in priority educational neighborhoods.
  4. Capital Filles: promoting girls' access to higher education through a mentorship program with employees from major companies, including Société Générale
  5. «Mentoral Intercultur'Elles» created by UniR: a program to better refugee’s educational and professional integration through the establishment of a mentoring program aimed exclusively at refugee women.
  6. «Antenne de la Belle de Mai» carried by Massajobs: support system for people who are very far from employment in the recovery of self-confidence, the definition of their professional project and the connection with hiring companies.