Life Project for Youth: integration of young excluded victims of extreme poverty through entrepreneurship


The next Societe Generale Foundation call for projects in June 2019 will focus on initiatives which facilitate integration and education through digital technologies or entrepreneurship. The Foundation is therefore presenting a few projects already supported in these areas. Focus on Life Project for Youth, LP4Y, an international movement whose aim is to encourage the professional and social inclusion of young people suffering from severe social exclusion and/or poverty. To achieve this, they set up Life Project Centers near shanty towns, which act as incubators for entrepreneurial projects.







A nine-month training course in entrepreneurship for greater independence

Life Project for Youth, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, was formed based on an alarming study. In 2009, there were 515 million young individuals suffering from severe social exclusion, a figure expected to rise to 1 billion by 2025. Based on these observations, the NGO has developed methods to encourage entrepreneurship for people aged 17 - 24 living with less than €1.50 a day. “By entrepreneurship, we mean ‘taking control of your life’”, explains Laure Delaporte, one of the founders of the project. 

Every young adult undertakes a nine-month training program called ‘Professional training for Entrepreneurs’, run in the association’s Life Project Centers. The programme is based on three pillars: concrete development and management of an economic micro-activity, training in English, IT and business communications, as well as individual and group orientation sessions with a coach. The last stage of the program before obtaining their diploma is a three-month period of work experience. “It’s a radical change of lifestyle for these young people. They gain confidence in themselves, become leaders of their team, discover what it’s like to work for a company, and gain experience in project management,” explains Laure Delaporte.

The active involvement of Societe Generale employees

The Societe Generale Foundation has been supporting LP4Y since 2014.First, it supported the NGO’s projects in Vietnam and, in 2017, contributed to the creation of the Malwani Life Project Center in Mumbai, India. Societe Generale in Mumbai and Delhi regularly welcome the young people to sell their products in the offices. LP4Y also receives support in the form of skills sponsorship provided by the bank's employees. “The exposure to company life is key to the integration process of young people suffering from social exclusion,” explains Laure Delaporte. "It provides them with the opportunity to be part of the workforce, talk with employees, learn about various professions, and take part in mock job interviews.”