Pro Bono days

Sharing your skills, changing the life of an NGO

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Whether it is during a whole day or for a few hour, each employee has the possibility of helping an association to solve a specific problem. Employees thus provide high-value know-how in response to an identified need such as communication, marketing, human resources, etc. This is a useful and supportive way of sharing one’s point of view and field of competence while enhancing collective intelligence. These days are organized with our partner Pro Bono Lab. The Foundation’s partner associations are regularly looking for volunteers for one-off and individual missions. For many, this is a first step towards long-term commitment !

Our partner: Pro Bono Lab 

I enjoyed the use of collective intelligence to solve an issue. We all have different backgrounds, different methods and different ways of thinking. It is enriching both for the NGO and for the staff members.

Anne-Lise, staff member