Review of our first thematic call for projects

Digital and entrepreneurship as a means of integration


The development of entrepreneurship and the democratisation of digital technology have in recent years paved the way for new models in the world of work. These fundamental changes challenge those involved in professional integration, who are increasingly carrying out programmes centred on the levers offered by digital technology and entrepreneurship. The Societe Generale Foundation, keen to support developments in the solidarity sector, for the first time launched a call for thematic projects around these two pillars this summer. 

Social Builder: Increase the number of women in digital in Seine-Saint-Denis

The Women in Digital program by Social Builder prepares women in social precarity for their professional integration offering them training providing qualifications in digital professions. With no prerequisites and completely free of charge, the training takes place in three phases: awareness of the digital professions with the Adabot chatbot by Social Builder, a one-day bootcamp for 500 women - to arouse curiosity and the desire to explore these unknown trades - then a web developer or web integrator training for 6 to 8 months. The system relies on numerous collaborations with associations in order to identify the women beneficiaries. These partnerships are also linked with training organisations with the Grande Ecole du Numérique (digital university) label in order to ultimately ensure greater diversity of profiles in tech professions in Seine-Saint-Denis.

40% of the projects funded by the Foundation in 2019 use digital tools or entrepreneurship as a means of integration


SINGA: Fostering refugee entrepreneurship

SINGA supports project leaders newly arrived or from host structures who have a powerful entrepreneurial project in the start-up phase in Paris and Lyon. The project aims to provide all the necessary tools from the idea stage to implementation. People enrolled in the incubation programme benefit from regular follow-up during monthly individual interviews with a member of the SINGA team, the establishment of a professional sponsorship system called Buddy Pro and the organisation of networking events. They also have access to a dedicated workspace within Kiwanda coworking and to many free training workshops on legal, accounting or communication topics. The programme, with its overall support, aims to encourage sustainable economic initiatives for refugees.

ReDI: Training young people in IT basics

The ReDI School of Digital Integration in Germany has created the “Digital literacy for youth” programme to enable young people from immigrant or disadvantaged backgrounds to acquire computer databases free of charge. Each age group has its own training programme! ReDI Kids and ReDI Teens, for the youngest, are run as workshops to discover computers, code, social networks, the Internet, robotics and online security. ReDI Youth allows young people to train for three to four months in using a computer for professional purposes (mastering emails, LinkedIn, CV writing and online recruitment platforms). This then makes it possible to touch on broader subjects such as orientation, awareness of the digital professions and project management. Regardless of their age, beneficiaries can visit tech companies to discover this developing environment. All these actions are developed in partnership with public schools to equip as many young people as possible facing the job market.