The rugby festival "Togo en Mêlées"

Popularizing rugby in Togo


Nearly 500 children participated in the sixth annual "Togo en mêlées" rugby festival which took place on 5 October in the AS FOSA playing field in Ablogamé, Lomé. The atmosphere at the event rivalled that of a major rugby fixture. 

Children from several Togo rugby schools gathered for the festival, engaging in sports, cultural and environmental activities. 13 schools, 490 children, 40 teachers, 20 coordinators, thousands of spectators and several staff members from Societe Generale Benin & Togo all came together for this novel event. 

The programme: fitting out and cleaning of the stadium facilities and surrounding area, cultural and fitness activities, introduction to rugby for children and adults, competitions with prizes. Supported by the Togolese Rugby Federation, the event is sponsored by Societe Generale Togo and organised by Association "Togo en Mêlées*", a sports community working to help educate children by introducing them to rugby, raising their awareness around the protection of the environment and promoting culture. 

A 7th edition already planned for 2020

We draw on rugby to help prepare these young athletes to become future champions in Togo and elsewhere, and to lay the groundwork for future standard-bearers in sustainable development.

Koumoni Ouro,  Chairman of "Togo en Mêlées".

"At Societe Generale Togo and all of the Group's subsidiaries, we believe it is important that values are passed on to children at a very early age, values that include experiencing together, team spirit, discipline, selflessness, etc." Moyeme Baniab – Societe Generale Togo Branch Head.

"The abilities displayed by these young people during the various matches suggest that rugby has a bright future in Togo", Doe Yawogan – General secretary of the Togolese Rugby Federation.


*"Terres en Mêlées" has been a key partner of Societe Generale Foundation's Africa programme since 2018. The association is developing its "Rugby Solidaire" education through rugby programmes in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Morocco and Togo.