The school of new beginnings for young Cameroonians

A Simplon factory inaugurated in Douala on 15 April


In Cameroon, as in France and other African countries, digital is on the rise. Yet the rapidly developing sector is sorely lacking in manpower. An opportunity for young people and populations remote from employment.

In view of this situation, the startup inaugurated a new training center on April 15 in Douala (Cameroon) alongside Societe Generale Cameroon.

Digital professions as a lever for integration

A priority partner of Societe Generale Foundation’s programme in Africa, aims to develop the professional integration and employability of young people through digital professions. Committed to inclusive and united digital, the startup provides free training in the professions of developer, web integrator and digital referent.

Thirty young women and men constitute the first promotion, called “Inclusive Help Class - Inch Class”, of the new Cameroonian “factory”. In seven months, they will develop the professional skills adapted for their professional integration. A formula that has proven its effectiveness: on average, 9 out of 10 learners find a job at the end of their training.

The program in figures (2018 -2020)

  • 4 Simplon factories opened and several partnerships on the African continent
  • 372 people trained, 38% of whom are women
  • 65% of learners are between 19 and 25 years old (24.7 years on average)
  • 25% of learners with a A-level or below
  • 14 short and professional training courses
  • 90.5% of positive outputs

3 apprenants de la première promo Simplon à Douala

The Simplon methodology deployed on the continent

This innovative training program, based on active teaching and corporate involvement, makes it possible to enrich local educational offers and improve the professionalization of young people. Once trained, they will participate in the digital transformation and the development of companies in their country.

After Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso, this is the fourth “factory” opened by Simplon in Africa since 2017 in our partnership. This adds to the projects led in Morocco and Tunisia. This deployment is part of the “African Tech Bridge” project of the startup which aims to develop its training actions and programmes on the continent.

Committed to education and professional integration, the Societe Generale Foundation has renewed its support and reaffirmed its desire to support Simplon as well as eight other partners on the continent over the long term.

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