Societe Generale Foundation Selection Committee, February 2018


On February 16th, the Societe Generale Foundation gathered its Selection Committee. After examining the grant application files, seven projects working for professional integration were selected:

La Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème (Cameroon)

The association offers professional training to unemployed young people in growth and sheltered sectors such as hairdressing, secretarial work, mechanics and IT. Renewing their partnership started last year, the Societe Generale Foundation is also allowing La Chaîne des Foyers Saint-Nicodème to develop their skills sponsorship programme with colleagues at Societe Generale Cameroon.

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La Cloche (Île-de-France)

The only new partner for this session, the La Cloche association is running a solidarity integration project for vulnerable and excluded persons. The workers being re-integrated produce organic biscuits which are then sold directly to the public and via retailers in the Le Carillon network.

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Association Capital Filles (France)

A founding member of the project, the Societe Generale Foundation is once again renewing their support for Capital Filles, which promotes access to further education among young women (during the final three years of secondary education). During the first year of the cycle, the beneficiaries were counselled and helped at every stage along the way by “godmothers” from partner companies.

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Centre Primo Levi (Île-de-France)

Established in 1995 by Amnesty International, Médecins du Monde, ACAT and Juristes sans frontières, the Centre Primo Levi is a care centre for refugees, offering them care and legal/social help. The centre also supports their professional integration in France. The Societe Generale Foundation is giving them support for a third year and will contribute finance to support 80 refugees in their steps towards training and the creation of a professional project.

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Proxité (France)

Proxité provides support for young people from working-class neighbourhoods by professionals in the form of sponsorship. The Societe Generale Foundation will support the association again this year. Proxité has set themselves some new objectives for 2020.  These are to triple the number of young people supported, to operate within ten towns in France and to develop new sponsorship projects.

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Life Project 4 Youth (India)

The Societe Generale Foundation will finance the development of a centre and programmes for Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) in Mumbai, India. Thirty young people from shanty towns will be able to join the association’s main programme, PTE (Professional Training for Entrepreneurs). Running over 18 months, it combines training within the professional world, academic catch-up and personal development.

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LA STRADA Società Cooperativa Sociale (Italy)

Intended for young people living on the outskirts of Milan, the Accademia delle Due Ruote offers training in bicycle maintenance delivered by experts, followed by a six-month internship with a member of the association’s network. This is a real opportunity for beneficiaries of the programme to learn a trade in one of the region’s growth sectors. Societe Generale is supporting the project for a second year.

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