Societe Generale x Ulule

A promising first year of partnership


This year, the Societe Generale Foundation turned to one of the major players in crowdfunding, Ulule, to develop a support programme for projects with modest funding needs. Since February 2019, the Foundation has been selecting associative projects for professional integration and integration through education throughout the year, submitted via Ulule. It then accompanies them and supports them in their fundraising campaigns. In all, 12 projects were chosen this year. We take a look at this experimental year.

One euro donated, two euros raised

This year, the Societe Generale Foundation dedicated 100,000 euros of its overall budget to a new form of support. The Foundation, via a matching mechanism, could finance up to 50% of the needs expressed by associations in their campaigns. Ulule also proposed a reduced commission of 4% on private donations (8% for conventional campaigns). “The company’s matching of donations multiplies our chances of success”, explains Sarah de Vilmorin, responsible for corporate philanthropy at Societe Generale. Among the 12 projects selected, 10 carried out their crowdfunding campaign successfully.

This was the case of La Ruche Saint-Germain-en-Laye which, with the help of the system, financed its incubation programme for young jobless people, StartUp Adventura. “We had never dared to embark on a crowdfunding campaign”, explains Laurence Besançon, founder of the association. “It allowed us to raise a lot of money quickly, and capitalise on our community”, she added.  With the support of Ulule, both online and by phone, La Ruche Saint-Germain-en-Laye built a campaign in a collaborative manner. Throughout the process, the young beneficiaries were involved, notably by writing the script for the video presentation. A total of €10,400 was raised.

The campaign even struck a chord with other partners of the association. “The department's integration agency was touched by the Societe Generale Foundation's support for the project. It made our approach more credible and they gave us an equivalent grant”, says Laurence Besançon.  “It has really whetted our appetite. We hope to do more now!” 

We had never dared to embark on a crowdfunding campaign. It allowed us to raise a lot of money quickly, and capitalise on our community

Laurence Besançon, founder of the association StartUp Adventura 

A reconducted partnership

This innovative format has enabled the Societe Generale Foundation to support associations with a very local influence and offer them a more flexible and immediate funding than its traditional calls for projects. “In the beginning, we could only apply during the Foundation's conventional calls for projects, but that narrowed the field”, explains Sarah de Vilmorin, responsible for solidarity sponsorship at Societe Generale. “We can now submit a project any time throughout the year. It is a solution that can adapt to the more specific needs of associations. 

The collaboration with Ulule will also be repeated: the success rate of the campaigns is high and the platform, which brings together a large number of projects with social impact, can also identify projects aligned with the Foundation’s objectives submitted independently and guide them towards Societe Generale support. “Ulule is the ideal partner for this project and I think it will gain momentum”, concluded Sarah de Vilmorin.