[STORY] Providing education in financial management

3 questions for Yvon Savi, committed employee within the financial education program


To get involved in solidarity programs as a banker also means protecting your clients against risky situations. To embrase this fundamental responsibility, different entities within the Group have developed financial education for young people and those in difficulties. Since 2013, more than 500 employees have participated in the financial education program with Cresus, helping nearly 4 000 youngsters understand the basic notions of budget management in a fun way thanks to Dilemme, a board game created both by the association and the Foundation. 

3 questions for Yvon Savi, committed staff member who has participated several times within the program

Why did you decide to get involved in this program? 

Finding out that young people in particular are unsure about budget management encouraged me to take part in the financial education initiatives. I was concerned as a parent, banker and citizen. People are often thrown in the deep end when it comes to money, income and expenses, often leading to complications and unpleasant surprises, which a little shared education could help avoid.

The offer to help out personally was handed to us on a plate, it was so easy to get involved.


How did you feel teaching youngsters about your job and Societe Generale? 

It was rewarding on three levels: the interpersonal and human side of the bank as an intermediary, providing advice and services - the economy and society by sharing knowledge and experience between consumers, employees or entrepreneurs, and being able to listen to young people regarding their questions, misunderstandings, or even provocations, all important lessons for a banker (the humour and lively events are refreshing and useful to develop further in our careers).

What would you say to other employees to convince them to get involved? 

Get ready to experience some incredible moments: go and meet young people ! And you won’t be the same when coming back to the office, as you will be able to tell your team how these workshops in the field had a profound effect on you. Don’t hold back, the training is easy, the process is simple and the results are really positive”