[STORY] Young people without qualifications and entrepreneurship

Exemple of L'Ouvre-Boîte by Apprentis d'Auteuil


55% of young people under 30 want to start their own business.* However many of them have few or no qualifications. To encourage them to get into work, Apprentis d’Auteuil has created a specific business incubator, with the support of the Societe Generale Foundation: L’Ouvre-Boîte. One of its beneficiaries, Laura, tells us about her experience at the Nantes branch.

*Source: Opinion Way

Encouraging young people’s entrepreneurship

When you have no qualifications and a complex personal situation, creating your own business can seem like an unattainable goal. However, it is an excellent opportunity to get into the world of work.


That’s the goal of L’Ouvre-Boîte. The young people are supervised by professionals for two years. The free initiative has three stages: group workshops to receive training, a real-life test period, and support for business development. L’Ouvre-Boîte is now operating in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Nice and Marseille.

“My entire life changed”

Laura Lorcy, 26 years old, has just finished her training in Nantes. She has dreamed of working in the beauty industry since she was 15. However, during her first apprenticeship, she experienced discrimination due to her physical appearance, and she abandoned the course.


Now a young mother, she met Cindy, who had just finished a course at L’Ouvre-Boîte. “I went to see out of curiosity. And then I saw an advert last August, and I applied.” In-depth training followed. “It gave me the basics to establish my business, the articles of association, the business model, customers, the competition, etc.”


Laura is now a home-based nail technician. She has just opened a pop-up shop and she hopes to work in retirement homes. When we asked her about running a business, Laura admitted it was tough. The young woman says she is “proud” of her career path.

You can’t hold back, there are plenty of opportunities if you get out there. You might be surprised!

Laura Torcy, Ouvre Boîte programme

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