Tous Repreneurs : integration through entrepreneurship, otherwise




Reconnect with your talents and find your way back to work

Tous repreneurs make a bold bet: «If you are ready to return to work whatever the legal form of your job of tomorrow, you are offered to enter a path to become a business buyer». Tous repreneurs have a majority of women beneficiaries and mainly welcome people over 40 years of age, “opportunity entrepreneurs” as they are called by Radoine Mebarki, founder of the association, because the doors of the wage-earner remained closed to them.

To select them, a second innovation: a cast like The Voice. In one month, the candidates prepare a pitch of their professional project in 180 seconds. During this period, they imagine their future and are led to understand their talents and abilities beyond their qualifications and diplomas. In front of the jury of partners, the only criterion for selection is motivation. The training then covers all aspects of business creation, from idea to financing.

A unifying project with high potential

After three years of existence, the results are positive: two-thirds of the beneficiaries return to paid employment, turn to training, or to entrepreneurship, in particular “takeover entrepreneurship”. Until then, entrepreneurship was reserved for the ones who had a good idea. We don’t care,” says Radoine Mebarki. “The important thing is that they know each other well and if they don’t have an idea, they can choose the right idea from someone else that suits them.”

Thanks to the involvement of the Société Générale Foundation, Tous repreneurs has been able to benefit a hundred people from its program. Many Crédit du Nord bank employees have also been involved as jurors and volunteer sponsors of beneficiary projects. These supports have taken the association to more partners, including the Ministry of Labour, which now accompanies it to scale up and track 1,000 beneficiaries.