#VertigoChallenge 2020, challenge accepted by the Sourcing Division!


November 2020 is the 20-year anniversary of the Sourcing Division. To celebrate it, the Top Management decided to engage its teams in a solidarity sports event. The idea was to pick up staff's spirits and assert the feeling of belonging to the Group after an unprecedented crisis period.

The 8th edition of the Vertigo Race took place from October 12 to 30. The "Play International" association reinvented their traditional inter-company challenge, transformed into a connected and 100% solidarity race, the #VertigoChallenge.

Vertigo Challenge flyer

Respectful of the current sanitary rules, the concept of this brand-new team-building event is simple ! In a team of 4, every participant had to travel the longest distance they could, walking or running. Solidarity challenges, quizzes and magical powers enlivened these 19 days of challenge, shedding light on the initiatives of the association and enabling each team to win bonus points! The distance travelled turned into a donation to Play International.

104 teams from 13 different companies and associations competed in the challenge that aimed at promoting unity and togetherness among employees. In the end, 56 750 kms were travelled representing 1.4 times the distance around the world, 56 185 729 steps and 4 times the visible part of the Great Wall of China.

Société Générale particularly distinguished itself thanks to the very active participation of the Sourcing Division. 13 teams engaged in this physical and solidarity adventure and totaled nearly 11 000 kms, i.e. 260 marathons. Great performance from the teams who fought till the end of the night (11:55pm October 30). With its perseverance and motivation, Société Générale reached the third place on the podium thanks to "Angels & Charlie" team. Congratulations to all the participants!

Since 1999, Play International has been committed to making sports a driver of education and social change. Their initiative is deployed in more than 20 countries. The association has been a partner of the Societe Generale Foundation since 2017 in its “Living together” program. Deployed in France, the purpose of this plan is to root sports and play in the education of 8 to 12 years old children.

Running landscapes of Angels&Charlie

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