Types of support


Our selection criteria

The Societe Generale Foundation supports projects focusing on the professional integration or integration through education of marginalised people. To be supported over the course of a year, the project must meet five conditions:

SUITABILITY : the action must correspond to the Foundation’s areas of focus

AUDIENCE : the beneficiaries are people who have found themselves on the fringes of society due to economic, social or cultural difficulties

LOCATION : the project must be located in a country where Societe Generale operates and demonstrate a strong local focus

BUDGET : the amount requested must not be more than 30% of the action’s total cost and the structure can prove that the organisation has been operating for at least one year

IMPACT : the project’s targets are tangible, identified and measurable

Our call for projects

The Societe Generale Foundation organizes three calls for projects every year, in February, June and November. Applications can be submitted directly online from the first to the last day of the month. Depending on the direction taken by the Board of Directors, some calls for projects can be thematic. No requests for financial support will be examined outside this context.

The Foundation's next call for projects will take place from 6 to 24 January  2021. 

Life and process of a received project

Skills-based sponsorship

Aware of its employees’ growing desire to have a more global impact on society and with over 19,000 employees committed to solidarity actions in 2018 worldwide, the Societe Generale group offers different types of skills-based sponsorship.

If you are or have been a partner of the Societe Generale Foundation, if your structure carries out actions in favour of the education and professional integration of vulnerable people, you can benefit from support in the form of skills-based sponsorship by Societe Generale employees.

Mentoring, pro bono days, financial education, ad hoc skills-based sponsorship assignments, solidarity days, part-time scheme for employees nearing retirement... We now have a platform on which you can log in and fill in the skills needs expression form, it can be accessed by clicking here.


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Crowdfunding projects

Throughout the year, in partnership with Ulule, the Foundation commits to help associations with their crowdfunding campaigns and to support them by making a donation to their campaign. 

So, the Foundation will match the contributions received by any association that works in France and that meets the eligibility criteria.

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Find out if you are eligible for a financial support

To find out if your project is eligible for a financial support from the Societe Generale Foundation, please fill in this questionnaire. You will then be able to access the online support request form.