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Skills-based sponsorship

So that every employee can get involved in solidarity actions during their working hours, the Societe Generale Corporate Foundation offers a wide range of ways to commit.

Whether by sharing skills, following the educational or professional journey of a person in difficulty, helping an association to meet an occasional need, or taking part in major collective solidarity events, everyone can contribute according to the time and energy they have. Societe Generale offers its employees the opportunity to help associations during their working hours: skills-based sponsorship schemes allow employees to help these associations for free during one-off projects.

Take part in solidarity actions

Discover now the new staff engagement platform and the needs of our partner organizations ! Given the situation, only missions that can be carried out remotely are currently authorized.

Why should you get involved ?

Skills-based sponsorship schemes are a fantastic way to encourage employees to uphold the Group’s values and help consolidate internal cohesion by forging links between employees and promoting teamwork. In 2019, within the Group, nearly 21 400 employees in France and abroad were involved in volunteering or skills-based sponsorship programs offered by the company.

For which associations ?

The Societe Generale Foundation’s partner associations and/or associations working on the Foundation’s primary areas of focus: professional integration and education.


Ways of getting committed as a SG employee

Ways to get involved


By sharing skills for a day or even just a few hours, every employee can periodically help an association to meet a specific need. In this way, the employees provide high added-value expertise to meet a need in a particular area such as communications, marketing, human resources... These days are organised with our partner Pro Bono Lab. The Foundation’s partner associations are regularly looking for volunteers for one-off individual projects.



For six months to a year, during a few hours a month, employees can support a person in difficulty, for example: helping a schoolgirl from a disadvantaged neighbourhood to develop a career plan, helping a young graduate to join the employment market or helping a refugee to integrate through work. The Foundation has many partner associations that are always looking for sponsors for their members.



At the initiative of a manager or a committed employee, staff can form a team to spend a day helping one of the Foundation’s partner associations to meet a need – logistics, event, or one-off need.

In 2018, nearly 500 employees in Ile-de-France took part in a solidarity day with our partner associations, including Aurore, Rejoué and La Cravate Solidaire. They repainted and renovated emergency accommodation centres, repaired toys and sorted donated clothes.

I feel useful, I am working on social innovation projects with very motivated people. I would encourage other senior employees to take advantage of this program. In my opinion, the most important thing is to really take the time to think about which association you want to work for.

Dominique Barbier, Societe Generale employee for 27 years who joined the senior part-time program in 2017 working at Emmaüs Défi

Two staff members work together


Every year for the past 10 years, everywhere the Group is located, Citizen Commitment Time is the group’s biggest solidarity event. Sporting challenges, donations, fun activities – commitment is celebrated and put into practice. While the format changes depending on the year or the country, the principle is the same: highlighting the employees’ commitment and the actions of the Group’s and the Foundation’s partner associations.



In 2013, Societe Generale launched a financial education programme, in partnership with the Crésus association, to help young people understand the benefits of good budget management and thus better prepare for their future. How?  Through a board game specifically designed to address these issues. Over 4,000 people have benefited from this project thanks to more than 350 employees who have committed to this scheme since it started.



For employees who are nearing retirement, Societe Generale has developed a scheme enabling them to work part-time for an association while remaining an employee of their company. Their experience and their expertise enable the organisation they join to develop its skills by gaining an experienced senior employee.


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